Titel Medizingeschichte

Brigitte Lohff, Hinderk Conrads

From Berlin to New York

Life and work of the almost forgotten German-Jewish biochemist Carl Neuberg (1877–1956)

Geschichte und Philosophie der Medizin / History and Philosophy of Medicine
Band 5

1st Edition 2007.
294 p. 16 plates with 29 ill., hard cover

€ 47,00

ISBN 978-3-515-09062-9


With a bibliography of Carl Neuberg’s publications by Michael Engel and Brigitte Lohff.
Translated from the German by Anthony Mellor-Stapelberg

Carl Neuberg – born in Hanover, Germany, on July 29, 1877; died in New York, USA, on May 30, 1956 – was a celebrated biochemist who contributed greatly to the development of biochemistry from a chemical sub-discipline to a separate subject. As founder and editor of the internationally acknowledged Zeitschrift für Biochemie (today: The FEBS Journal) as well as Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biochemistry in Berlin, Neuberg played a major role in turning biochemistry into a key discipline of biomedical research in the 20th century. But due to the Nazi persecution and his dismissal from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biochemistry in 1934, Neuberg was forced to escape abroad.
In this study, Neuberg’s life and work in Germany and his endeavors as a Jewish emigrant in Amercan exile are illustrated to honour his leading role in the history of biochemistry and medicine.

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