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Beata Hock

Gendered Artistic Positions and Social Voices

Politics, Cinema, and the Visual Arts in State-Socialist and Post-Socialist Hungary

284 p., 6 color ill., 6 b/w tables, 7 b/w photos, 12 color photos.
hard cover
ISBN 978-3-515-10209-4


The history of women's art and gendered cultural practices has had a troubled record in Hungary as in many countries of East-Central Europe, and it mostly features as a missing phenomenon. This "lack" is often attributed on the one hand to state-socialist government policies that "emancipated" women at the same time as they hindered grass-roots social movements, including feminism, and on the other hand, to a re-traditionalizing social environment after the political changes of 1989. Beata Hock critically re-examines the supposed absences and presences of feminist cultural practice in Hungary with a focus on fine arts and cinema. The gendered dimensions of art production are explored in relation to larger social and cultural contexts in order to offer a uniquely interdisciplinary account.


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