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Titel Orientalistik

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Birte Plutat (Comp.)

Catalogue of the Papers of Ernst Leumann in the Institute for the Culture and History of India and Tibet, University of Hamburg

1. Auflage 1998.

ISBN 978-3-515-07096-6


Ernst Leumann (1859–1931), professor in Strasbourg, was one of the most distinguished scholars of his time in Indology, especially renowned for his work in Jaina studies. The papers left by him fill roughly 550 notebooks. The majority of them contain still unpublished transcriptions of Jaina manuscripts which deal mainly with the Jaina narrative literature. A wealth of analytical material concerning Indian literature in general and various Indian languages is also to be found in Leumann’s work. The present catalogue presents for the first time a complete list of the material, and is supplemented with notes as to the contents of the notebooks and with various indices. "A Bibliography of Studies Connected With the Avasyaka-Commentaries" by Klaus Bruhn has been added as an appendix.

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