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Dieter Stefan Peters (Ed.), Michael Weingarten (Ed.)

Organisms, Genes and Evolution

Evolutionary Theory at the Crossroads. Proceedings of the 7th International Senckenberg Conference


ISBN 978-3-515-07659-3


Aus dem Inhalt:

Peter Janich: Where does biology get its objects from?
Mathias Gutmann: The status of organism: Towards a constructivist theory of organism
Walter Bock: Explanations in a historical science
Christine Hertler: Organism and morphology: Methodological differences between functional and constructional morphology
Dominique G. Homberger: Similarities and differences: The distinctive approaches of systematics and comparative anatomy towards homology and analogy
Raphael Falk: The organism as a necessary entity of evolution
Franz M. Wuketits: The organism’s place in evolution: Darwin’s views and contemporary organismic theories
Christian Kummer: The development of organismic structure and the philosophy behind
Guiseppe Sermonti: The butterfly and the lion
Harald Riedl: Organism – Ecosystem – Biosphere: Some comments on the organismic concept
Sievert Lorenzen: How to advance from the theory of natural selection towards the General Theory of Self-Organization
Antonio Lima-de-Faria: The evolutionary periodicity of flight
Hans-Rainer Duncker: The evolution of avian ontogenies: Determination of molecular evolution by integrated complex functional systems and ecological conditions
Winfried Stefan Peters & Bernd Herkner: An outline of a theory of the constructional constraints governing early organismic evolution
Werner E. G. Müller e.a.: Monophyly of Metazoa: Phylogenetic analyses of genes encoding SerThr-kinases and a receptor Tyr-kinase from Porifera [sponges]
Karl Edlinger: The evolution of the mollusc construction: Living organisms as energy-transforming systems
Michael Gudo: A structural-functional approach to the soft bodies of rugose corals

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