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Richard Davis

The Late Bronze Age Spearheads of Britain

Prähistorische Bronzefunde (PBF)

X, 267 p., 19 b/w ill, 19 b/w tables. 163 Tafeln (1 ausfaltbar), cloth bound

€ 78,00

ISBN 978-3-515-11246-8


This study of Late Bronze Age spearheads from Britain is a sequel to the Prähistorische Bronzefunde (PBF) volume on the Early and Middle Bronze Age spearheads of Britain (Davis 2012). For the present study on LBA spearheads, Davis has identified a number of regions within Britain that reflect differences in spearhead typology, period of currency and hoarding practices. He also focuses on the development of British spearhead design during the Bronze Age. The volume concludes with an appendix of 163 plates.

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