Titel Altertumswissenschaften

Titel Altertumswissenschaften

Thomas Heine Nielsen (Ed.)

Once Again: Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis

Historia – Einzelschriften
Band 180
Papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre
Band 7

1. Auflage 2004.
202 S. Kartoniert

€ 42,00

ISBN 978-3-515-08438-3


This volume is the seventh collection of studies in the ancient Greek city-state by The Copenhagen Polis Centre. It contains articles devoted to ancient urbanisation, the Athenian tribute quota lists, Lakedaimonian perioikoi, Greek patriotism and naming practices. It will be of interest to ancient historians, classical philologists, classicists, anthropologists and urban historians.

Mogens Herman Hansen: The Concept of the Consumption City Applied to the Greek Polis
Thomas Heine Nielsen: The Concept of Patris in Archaic and Classical Sources
Bjørn Paarmann: Geographically Grouped Ethnics in the Athenian Tribute Lists
Mogens Herman Hansen: Sane on Pallene
Mogens Herman Hansen: The Use of Sub-Ethnics as Part of the Name of a Greek Citizen of the Classical Period: The Full Name of a Greek Citizen
Mogens Herman Hansen: Was Every State Centred on a Polis Town?
Mogens Herman Hansen: The Perioikic Poleis of Lakedaimon
Index of Sources
General Index

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