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Angelos Chaniotis (Hrsg.)

Unveiling Emotions

Sources and Methods for the Study of Emotions in the Greek World

490 p., 25 b/w ill.
soft cover
ISBN 978-3-515-10226-1


This volume presents the first results of research conducted on 'The Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions: The Greek Paradigm' by a research group in Oxford funded by the European Research Council. The project aims at contributing to a better understanding of the social and cultural factors that determine the manifestation of emotions in texts (papyri, inscriptions, literary sources) and in the material evidence from the Greek and Greek-speaking world (c. 800 BCE – c. 600 CE). The four introductory chapters address problems in the study of emotions in antiquity. They are followed by ten case-studies in which the manifestation and arousal of emotions (fear, anger, envy, grief, hope) are studied in various contexts (religion, litigation, political life, art, private life) and in connection with a variety of media (narratives of miracles, dedications, curses, acclamations, petitions, condolence letters, forensic oratory, architecture, images).


"...will almost certainly help inspire more much-needed work on the emotions in history and on the history of the emotions."
Damien Nelis, Athenaeum 104, 2016/1

"Mit 'Unveiling Emotions' liegt eine wertvolle Publikation vor, die sowohl in der Reflexion des Quellenmaterials als auch in der Anwendung auf konkrete Fallbeispiele überzeugt. Die einzelnen Beiträge vermitteln aus vielfältigen Blickwinkeln zahlreiche Impulse für weitere Untersuchungen."
Alexandra Eckert, H-Soz-Kult 04/2013

Dieser Band wurde außerdem rezensiert von:

Simon Byl, L'Antiquité Classique 83, 2014

Guntram Koch, Das Historisch-Politische Buch 61, 2013/4

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