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Henning Börm (Hrsg.), Nino Luraghi (Hrsg.)

The Polis in the Hellenistic World

264 p., 10 b/w ill, 2 b/w tables.
hard cover
ISBN 978-3-515-12020-3


After having been for decades the province of a relatively small group of scholars, the Hellenistic polis has become central to the research agenda of Ancient historians more broadly. This development can be traced from the early nineties of the last century, and has picked up pace in a sustained fashion at the turn of the millennium. Recent research has started approaching the Greek polis of the centuries between Alexander and Cleopatra as a specific historical phenomenon, striving to define its most peculiar aspects from as many angles as possible, and to point to new avenues of interpretation that might contribute to recognizing its historical role. In this general framework, this volume attempts to explore new lines of thought, to question established ways of reading the evidence, and to take stock of recent developments. The contributors do not subscribe to any particular shared approach; on the contrary, their approaches and questions stem from many different scholarly traditions and methodologies. Rather than seeking to achieve a complete coverage, the volume provides a selection of current research agendas, in many cases offering glimpses of ongoing projects.

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"This book edited by Henning Börm and Nino Luraghi is not just most welcome, but a necessary endeauvour [...] an excellent array of different perspectives."
Anthony Smart, Arctos 53 (2019)

"interessante und innovative Einblicke in verschiedenste Aspekte der hellenistischen Poliswelt."
Florian Rudolf Forster, Tyche Band 34, 2019

"The essays are uniformly excellent and represent important contributions by leading scholars in the field. A particular strength of the volume is the degree to which each of the papers intersects with ongoing research projects of the authors."
Ryan Boehm, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2019.04.22

„Readers [...] will find something to stimulate and challenge their conceptions of Hellenistic history in every chapter.“
Paul Ojennus, Classical Journal-Online 05.08.2019

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