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Titel Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensgeschichte

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Christoph Buchheim (Ed.)

German Industry in the Nazi Period

1. Auflage 2008.
214 S., 11 s/w Abb., 23 s/w Tab.
1 Faltkarte, Kartoniert
ISBN 978-3-515-09150-3


In the last decades much has been written on the history of manufacturing firms and branches in the Nazi period. It is the aim of the present volume to provide a synthesis of at least a part of that new research.
A general result of the contributions each authored by an expert of the respective field is that enterprises still enjoyed a high degree of autonomy. The Nazi regime did not create a centrally planned economy. Rather by manipulating the conditions of doing business it tried to promote its war-related aims. However, that caused friction which in turn provoked new economic policy measures without ever solving all the self-inflicted problems.

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