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Emily Grosholz, Elhanan Yakira

Leibniz´s Science of the Rational

1. Auflage 1998.

ISBN 978-3-515-07400-1


This book explicates Leibnizian analysis as a search for conditions of intelligibility, and reconsiders his use of principles and methods as well as his account of truth in this way. Via careful reading of well-known, lesser known, and previously unedited texts, it gives a more accurate picture of his philosophical intentions, as well as the relevance of his project to contemporary debate.

Two case studies are included, one concerning logic and the other arithmetic; they illustrate a theory of intelligibility that takes as its central notion "possibility for thought", a notion which allows Leibniz to escape certain traps of psychologism, the pseudo-ontology of empiricism, and the empty forms of logicism, and suggests new approaches for contemporary philosophy.

"In this remarkable study, Grosholz and Yakira offer a fresh interpretive and conceptual angle on Leibniz’s metaphysics. […] this study deserves high marks for its subtlety, novelty, and creative insight into Leibniz’s modes of inquiry as well as for its philosophical acumen." Annals of Science

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