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Jan Palkoska

Substance and intelligibility in Leibniz’s metaphysics

1st Edition 2010.
171 p.
hard cover
ISBN 978-3-515-09405-4


The study offers a new account of one of the central topics of Leibniz’s philosophy: substance. It brings to light the metaphysical foundations of Leibniz’s notion of substance and shows – in opposition to many leading commentators – that his treatment of it is governed by clear standards of significance rooted in his broader metaphysical position. Starting from Leibniz’s general theory of definition – founded on his views concerning the science of metaphysics – the author identifies the set of basic defining features of substance for Leibniz and then provides a detailed analysis and interpretation of these features. A foundational role is given to a group of texts from the 1680’s in which Leibniz provides conceptual analyses of the most general items of reality.

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