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Arend Soeteman (Ed.)

Pluralism and Law

Proceedings of the 20th IVR World Congress Amsterdam, 2001
Vol. 2: State, Nation, Community, Civil Society

Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie – Beihefte (ARSP-B)
Band 89

1. Auflage 2003.
193 S. Kartoniert

€ 44,00

ISBN 978-3-515-08362-1



Luigi Ferrajoli: Past and Future of the State under Law — Mauro Zamboni: “Rechtsstaat”: What is it that Swedish development assistance, organisatons “export”? — Hans Gribnau: Legal Principles and Legislative Instrumentalism — María José Falcón y Tella: Justified Illegality: The Question of Civil Disobedience — Hideo Sasakura: How should we discuss the Right of Resistance today? — K. Papageorgiou: Nations, persons, rights and responsibilities — M.N.S. Sellers: The Right to Secede — Stephan Kirste: Constitution and Time — Nicholas Aroney: Towards a General Theory of the Formation and Amendment of Federal Constitutions: A Comparative Study — Adriaan Anderson: Prosecuting Crime in a Constitutional State: The Recent South African Experience — Luis Villar-Borda: The Role of the Constitutional Court in the Advance of Law in a Developing Country — Marcela Forero: Colombia: a Multisovereignty State — Samuli Hurri: What of Tomorrow’s Citizenship? Universal and Politics in Hannah Arendt and Jürgen Habermas — Marcelo Campos Galuppo: Constitutional Hermeneutics and Pluralism — Françoise Michaut: Pluralism in Law in Robert Cover’s Writings — E. A. Huppes-Cluysenaer: Informal Rules do not Exist — Niels F. van Manen: The legal recognition of distinct communities — Peter Koller: Law and Virtue — Carl Lebeck: Coercion, co-ordination and normativity – towards a refined distinction between positive and negative rights — Sheldon Wein: Moral Pluralism and the Rule of Law

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