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Anke Schwarz

Demanding Water

A Sociospatial Approach to Domestic Water Use in Mexico City

274 p., 21 b/w ill, 15 b/w tables, 2 b/w photos.
soft cover
ISBN 978-3-515-11686-2


In the essentially water-rich basin of Mexico City, water taps are now installed in most homes. Yet in many of the city’s poorer neighborhoods in particular, water is supplied intermittently and taps often remain dry. How does such a socially constructed water scarcity affect water-related everyday practices in the home? And what is the relation between urban space and domestic practices of water use? In this study, Anke Schwarz employs a sociospatial approach which infuses Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice with a relational understanding of space. She draws upon in-depth interviews with 53 residents of Mexico City’s Federal District, taking subjective experience as a starting point, and adds a historical angle through the instrument of habitat biographies.

With respect to the pressing issue of urban water supply, Schwarz offers a fresh perspective to urban geography by placing an emphasis on a sociospatial approach on the micro scale. She demonstrates how water use can be a demanding everyday task even in cities where virtually all dwellings do have water taps. Rooftop tanks and jugs of bottled water are only the most visible tokens of the differences made by such supply limitations.

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"Es ist als besondere Leistung zu werten, wie die Autorin die subtile Wirkungsweise der Neoliberalisierung der Wasserversorgung und der ihr inhärenten Knappheit herausarbeitet."
Sören Weißermel, sub\urban 8/3, 2020

"Anke Schwarz's book is of interest to scholars researching urban water supply and also to social scientists analysing the spatial dimensions of Bourdieusian analysis."
Alejandro De Coss‐Corzo, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 43,2019

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Sören Weißermel, sub/urban 8, 2020/3

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