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Thomas Heine Nielsen (Ed.)

Even More Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis

1. Auflage 2002.
294 S., 19 s/w Abb.
3 Ktn., 1 s/w-Taf., Kartoniert
ISBN 978-3-515-08102-3


A series of new Papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre. Among other things, these important papers discuss the role and function of theatres in the Greek world, the nature of early Cretan laws, how Greeks and indigenous peoples interacted on Sicily and in Magna Graecia, and whether or not the modern concept of ’the stateless society‘ applies to the ancient Greek polis.

Mogens Herman Hansen: The Game Called Polis
Mogens Herman Hansen: Was the Polis a State or a Stateless Society?
Thomas Heine Nielsen: Phrourion. A Note on the Term in Classical Sources and in Diodorus Siculus
Rune Frederiksen: The Greek Theatre. A Typical Building in the Urban Centre of the Polis?
Tobias Fischer-Hansen: Reflections on Native Settlements in the Dominions of Gela and Akragas – as Seen from the Perspective of the Copenhagen Polis Centre
Paula Perlman: Gortyn. The First Seven Hundred Years. Part II. The Laws from the Temple of Apollo Pythios
James Roy: The Pattern of Settlement in Pisatis: the ‘Eight Poleis’
James Roy: The Synoikism of Elis
Index of Sources (Literary Texts, Inscriptions and Papyri)
General Index

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