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Nino Luraghi (Hrsg.)

The Splendors and Miseries of Ruling Alone

Encounters with Monarchy from Archaic Greece to the Hellenistic Mediterranean

284 p., 4 b/w photos.
hard cover
ISBN 978-3-515-10259-9


Monarchy, that is, a political order characterized by a single ruler, is an understudied aspect of Greek politics and culture. The contributors to this book provide a unified scholarly framework in which to interpret the sociological as well as the ideological side of monarchic regimes from archaic Greek tyranny to Hellenistic monarchy in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. Taking their cue from Hans-Joachim Gehrke's essay on the victorious king, published here in an updated English translation, the contributors bring to the surface common trends and features that make it possible to sketch an integrated history of monarchic rule in ancient Greece from the Archaic to the Hellenistic age. Topics of contributions include the image of the archaic tyrant as legitimate and illegitimate ruler, the rhetoric of Hellenistic monarchy outlined in philosophical treatises on monarchy, the impact of the rise of Hellenistic monarchy on pre-existing political orders such as tyranny in Sicily and dual monarchy in Sparta, and the influence of this ideological model on political traditions in Anatolia and Palestine in the Late Hellenistic period.


"This book is highly recommended to anyone interested in the transformations and different forms of ancient monarchies in a more detailed manner and especially in the Hellenistic period."
Jasmin Lukkari, Arctos 50, 2016

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