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Angelos Chaniotis (Ed.)

From Minoan Farmers to Roman Traders:

Sidelights on the Economy of Ancient Crete

1. Auflage 1999.
XIII, 392 S., 28 s/w Abb., 21 s/w Tab.
ISBN 978-3-515-07621-0


J. F. Cherry: Introductory Reflections on Economies and Scale in Prehistoric Crete
K. Sbonias: Social Development, Management of Production, and Symbolic Representation in Prepalatial Crete
D. C. Haggis: Staple Finance, Peak Sanctuaries, and Economic Complexity in Late Prepalatial Crete
A. Michailidou: Systems of Weight and Relations of Production in Late Bronze Age Crete
E. H. Cline: The Nature of the Economic Relations of Crete with Egypt and the Near East during the Late Bronze Age
K. Nowicki: Economy of Refugees: Life in the Cretan Mountains at the Turn of the Bronze and Iron Ages
S. Alcock: Three "R's" of the Cretan Economy
A. Chaniotis: Milking the Mountains: Economic Activities on the Cretan Uplands in the Classical and Hellenistic Period
D. Viviers: Economy and Territorial Dynamics in Crete from the Archaic to the Hellenistic Period
F. Guizzi: Private Economic Activities in Hellenistic Crete
M. I. Stefanakis: The Introduction of Coinage in Crete and the Beginning of Local Minting
A. Marangou: Wine in the Cretan Economy
S. Paton / R. M. Schneider: Imperial Splendour in the Province: Imported Marble on Roman Crete
M. W. Baldwin Bowsky: The Business of Being Roman: The Prosopographical Evidence
N. Litinas: Ostraca Chersonesi
W. V. Harris: Crete in the Hellenistic and Roman Economies: A Comment
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"The volume is extremely well edited and produced; indexes and bibliography are very detailed and of great assiostance to the reader… In short, a thought-provoking, learned piece of scholarship."
Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"… für den, der sich mit der Wirtschaft Kretas beschäftigt, eine unverzichtbare Grundlage."
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